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A photo of dianaphu dianaphu
I have gotten an conditional offer to business management at ryerson. I got my report card today and I didn't get the required overall percentage. I got 76.6 when the percentage for the offer is 78%. I had already made the deposit for the tuition today. I need major help. What should I do? Im late for school summer.

I really need to get in to University. Please help me!
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A photo of Doop Doop
Contact them and work things out. Maybe you can get into the BTM program which has lower cutoffs, I hear first year BTM and BM is practically the same. Then in 2nd year switch over.
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A photo of JohnQ JohnQ
I had a 79% average and i was put on the waitlist so i worked hard and i got that to a 80% average. Ryerson said they dont look at the final marks until July 15th what are my chances of getting in?

Adv functions: 82
English: 80
French: 86
International business: 83
Data Mang: 77
Business Leadership: 72

should i hope to get in or go to summer school and try for another program like nursing.
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