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A photo of dianaphu dianaphu
So, I emailed them about the problem about not meeting the overall average and I told them I will be taking summer school to upgrade my marks. This is what the email say:

Unfortunately, Business Management is not taking summer school extensions. You can go and take the course and when you receive your final grade and bring it in, we can assess you at that time, subject to space.

However you will have to wait on a priority wait list until then.

So basically I'm now on the waiting list? I have paid for tuition and if I don't get in will the money be gone? And priority wait list, whats the difference between the wait list and priority wait list?
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A photo of dianaphu dianaphu
Bump - i need some answers
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I think it means that you will not be taken into the BM program this semester, and you can apply for the next semester with a higher priority over other applicants once you have your final summer school mark.

As for your money, it was a bad idea to pay a deposit when there was a chance you would not get in. Contact then and ask, they should give you your money back.
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