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Ryerson Commerce or McMaster Commerce ?

A photo of theacison theacison
I am deciding between the two and I would really appreciate any help. Thanks !
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A photo of theacison theacison
Does anybody have any experience with the commerce at mcmaster as well ? I'm hearing mixed feedback about the program. Some say you don't learn anything at mac. Others say ryerson is definitely the better choice because of the location.
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Well I went on a tour of both schools and liked them both. Personally I loved how Ryerson was located right at Yonge and Dundas downtown. I liked the Ryerson campus better just because it is right downtown, I know that's a turnoff for a lot of people but for me it just seemed to click. In my opinion I thought that I'd have more networking opportunities at Ryerson too because 1) It's the largest business program in Canada and 2) The business buildings right on Bay St., plus the school is very arts/media oriented so it's great to get some contacts for what I want to get into (marketing).

However Mac has the reputation that Ryerson doesn't.. As a school they're generally more recognized across the province then Ryerson. When I went to the May at Mac day I'd have to say my favourite part was their trading floor. Not that big, but very cool, especially if your going into finance.

I'll make a little pros and cons list of my opinions for the two. So anyone else who reads this try not to tear me apart with stats.

Networking Opportunities
Seemed better for marketing

Residence (only 500 spots?!)

Meal plan is very limited
No Co-op Internships only (But Mac's the same)

The pros definitely outweighed the cons for me though.

Trading Floor

Residence (Hit and Miss depending on which building it was)

Didn't seem as focused on marketing
No Co-op Internships only
Location (Felt more secluded/not exactly in the center of everything)

I really liked the school, but it just didn't seem to click for me.

It's your call man, some of my pros might be cons for you so it all depends on what you like
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@Respects wrote
Ryerson accepts a lot of students each year for its commerce programs and not everyone can get an internship, it depends on high your marks are after first year. It's reputation is going up because of supply and demand, so many students are applying there because it's easier to get into than the other business programs like Schulich,Ivey, Queens, etc. They built a multimillion dollar business school Ted Rogers which also attracts many students. In the end it's your call but if you want to do accounting, finance or marketing, Mcmaster is better for that. They're accrediated by the AACSB and have all the 51 credit hours, Ryerson as of yet doesn't but they're working on it. In the end see which campus you like better and where you want to spend the next 4 years of your life. Another thing to consider is that Ryerson is a commuter school and doesn't have its own campus atmosphere like Mcmaster does, if you're looking for that sort of thing.

On that note, we had an AACSB meeting recently, so the accreditation is most likely going to come soon. Respects and Sefear's posts are pretty accurate. I'd just like to extend their posts by also saying that the Entrepreneurship program at Ryerson is pretty strong, if you're looking into that sort of thing, and that's probably our flagship major.

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