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Ryerson Engineering Average

A photo of boyaninska91 boyaninska91
Hey! I was just wondering if anyone knows what average you need approximately for ryerson engineering? ie. whats the cutoff they look for?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
It's low. Like 65-70% I think. Or maybe that's just the average you need to maintain after you get conditional acceptance. Just let me know what your average is. If it is 80+ you'll get in for sure
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A photo of boyaninska91 boyaninska91
I have completed one year of undergrad at uottawa and want to transfer and they ask for a C average, and I have that
but as for high school i have
94 ADV functions (2nd time)
89 physics
85 chem
82 bio
88 english
88 exercise science
so my avg is about 87.5

Do you honestly think I have a shot ? Also do you know the cutoff for mcmaster?
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