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Ryerson for Civil Engineering?

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I have an 81% average and im in the IB program.

People say Ryerson isnt that good, but is its civil engineering program good, or is ryerson only good for aeronautic engineering? I heard that Dessau, a top 100 engineering firm hires civil engineers from RYerson. Is this true?

I havnt heard from some of the other schools i applied too, so right now my options are,

1. Go to Ryerson
2. Stay back a year, boost my marks (If i stay back a year, I can easily boost my marks into the high 80's low 90's zone, as i will be taking academic courses vs High level IB courses.

WIll staying back a year be a waste of my time? and does the University matter when trying to find high end jobs?
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Ryerson is not bad. Going to Ryerson is not going to hold you back. My friends dad is a civil eng commissioner and basically what he said to me (i was considering civil at this time) was that once you have your PEO where you went to school no longer matters. The biggest thing is to get experience.

However he was talking about normal civil jobs. These jobs still pay well he said most grads get around 60k to start which is nice. But what do you consider high end? You may not get into a higher civil firm right out of uni but after years of experience you might and if you are ambitious enough you can always start your own.

So IMO go to ryerson. You can always get an MBA or pursue another professional program after a few years of working in industry. Plus arent you done with highschool? I know I am.
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That. I was considering Ryerson, but I got an offer from Carleton(IMO you would of got accepted there). I am gonna end up going there however since they have CO-OP
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