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Ryerson Journalism: What's in YOUR Portfolio

A photo of alexinabox alexinabox
I'm basically in that stressful stage of gathering articles and such for the portfolio. I probably should have done this earlier... but anyways, I was just wondering what kind of articles (is it political, is it entertainment-oriented, is it personal etc.) you're all putting in for the portfolio.

My articles are all, at the moment, leaning towards more arts/cultural related topics like music, art and what not... not sure if that's gonna make it but we'll see.

Good luck to you all!
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A photo of Canadian49erfan Canadian49erfan
Mostly sports-related articles, which are published onto a website that I write for.

I still have to do the essay component, not sure what to write about for that. What did you do for yours?
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A photo of alexinabox alexinabox
Are your sports article in like a reporting-style (basically just retelling what happened at a game) or are they sort of analysis type articles about sports (if that makes any sense haha).

And I wrote mine about how good journalism will always thrive, no matter the format.
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