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Ryerson or Carleton?

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I'm really just lost, i don't know which one to choose.
There are basically mt top two.
Ryerson - International econimics and finance ; non co op
Carleton- Business Law; co-op
Both BA's.
For carleton i would live on campus, and i would commute to Ryerson.
The whole living on Campus is kinda scary in a way but also exciting, so i don't know.
What are your opinions?
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A photo of nfabiano nfabiano
Carleton, hands down. In my eyes that program at Carleton is better, and there's the co-op which will help you pay off some student loans (assuming its a paid co-op), and potentially help you get a job placement. Also the residence experience is a once in a life time thing. If you have the opportunity to live on rez, take advantage of it.

That's just my opinion, ultimately its you that makes the final decision. I'm sure you'll make the right one :)
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