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Ryerson or U of T??

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Heey!!! this is my first time doing this, so please bear with me!
I want to be an editor, and I'm starting grade 12 in september!!!! I don't know wether to go to Ryerson or UofT??

I think i'm going more for Ryerson right now, beacuse I know more about the school, but what r ur thoughts?? Ill be majoring in english, so which school is better? At Ryerson, i can major in english, and minor in sociology, psychology, criminology, and something else if i wanted to, and they have the certificate of publishing, which offers an internship at some of the best canadian book selling companies!!
But at UofT, i can doible major (id do english and linguistics), but i dont really know about what goes on there, so im more informed about Ryerson right now.
So which school is better for me?
Thanks!!!! :cheese:
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To be honest, there is no direct path to being a professional editor, so it does not matter what you major in. Personally, I would study journalism at Ryerson. The internships you mentioned will look good on your resume and give you connections to the industry. I would go there. Not sure what U of T has to offer.
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@Respects wrote
Since you want to be an editor some things for you to consider is that the print industry is dying out. Everything is either broadcast or online.

It's still up for debate whether the print industry will be completely replaced by the internet. But it is wise to keep your studies general so that you will develop a broad skill set by the time you graduate.
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Don't limit yourself to two universities or a likewise program. I suggest that you check out more universities and different programs you may be interested in. A double major might be an advantage too.
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