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A photo of pl94 pl94
Hey guy's so i've applied to Ryerson for Business Management and Business Technology Management. I really plan on going into the BTM program and i was wondering if i will be able to get into any of this program with these marks.

Chem: 72
Accounting: 76
International Business: 93
Adv Function's: 60 (i am retaking this course in night school)

Next Semester:

Comp Sci

PS, this will sound stupid, but how hard is night school?
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A photo of S41nTsBuRY S41nTsBuRY
If you do well in all your courses next semester (Computer Science should be an easy 92+), then you should be fine. As for night school, I've asked my teachers and they told me that it's generally easier than in day school since you already know most of the course material. Most teachers are also nicer cause they know the reason why you're there.
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A photo of ps3fanboy25 ps3fanboy25
They probably won't let you in until you redo math. I really suggest you do it in online night school, it is a night school credit but you do it online and it is even easier. The reason you won't get in until you redo math is because I got early acceptance to retail management, and I know people who got accepted to business management, and in the conditional offer it says you MUST get 65% in 4U math and 4U english.

So just redo it and try to get 65% or above. Also you need to get 65% in English and maintain an overall average of 74% - 78% (depends on which program, they said I only need 74%).

good luck and I hope you get in! I can't wait and I am visiting Ryerson tomorrow :)
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A photo of Kamil94 Kamil94
I got early acceptance to BTM. they want 65 above in math sooo youll have to repeat.. i almost got it revoked because my adv function mark is a 67. good luck
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