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Ryerson Residence Admissions...

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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew how hard it is to get into Residence at Ryerson University? The only have like 853 Spots or something. Specifically I want to know how hard it is to get into Pitman Hall Residence, which has like 566 spots.

Ryerson says that they save priority for Residence for First Year Students, coming directly from High School, and also from the Furthest from the University. I live in Muskoka, about 2 hours-ish from Toronto. Will I be able to get a spot in Residence? Thank you!
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A photo of awaysheflew awaysheflew
As long as you don't live within commuting distance of Ryerson, you'll get a spot in residence. Since you're from Muskoka, you'll get into to res.
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A photo of RyersonStudentHousing RyersonStudentHousing
Ryerson University Residence gives priority housing to 1st year students coming directly out of High School and according to distance away from the university. The distance required to get in to residence is application dependent and changes every year. For any further questions regarding housing please go to http://www.ryerson.ca/studentservices/housing/ or email housing@ryerson.ca.

Ryerson Student Housing Services

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A photo of stevef7 stevef7
Hey, thanks so much! And what do you mean by applicant dependant and changes by year? Also, can I apply for all three residences or is my application limited to only one residence?

Sorry I just really want to get in!
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