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Ryerson Retail Management Worth It?

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Hey guys, ok so I got accepted to Ryerson Retail and I think I'm probably gonna go there. Because I got early acceptance to Ryerson but I don't think I'm gonna get into UTM because my grades are good this year but not as great as last year. I am taking an online course next semester but I don't know if I will be able to get a high enough mark in data to get into UTM. But I've already been given a conditional offer to Ryerson and I'll be able to meet the conditions.

I wanna go there because I wanna work it retail, I work in retail right now and I really like it and I wanna make a career out of it. A store manager at like Walmart (where I work) can make 100,000$ a year+.

I have about half the money I need for the tuition saved up too... if I plan in working in retail management, is this program worth it? I'm not really gonna get into any other uni...
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