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A photo of Stephan Stephan
is where I am going :cheers:
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@Stephan wrote
is where I am going :cheers:

Congrats. But's Ryerson for science is a bad school. Business is decent. Meh i geuss it's up to you but you should aim a bit higher. or stay back a year. lol.
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A photo of simsidhu7 simsidhu7
I heard Ryerson was good for Biomedical Engineering. Is this true?
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A photo of Phoenix-gurl Phoenix-gurl
I heard the Ryerson is actually a pretty good university. People just put it down because it's relatively new compared to other universities. My friend, who goes to the University of Toronto told me that if I didn't go to UofT, I should go to Ryerson instead of York. After all there is that saying: "If you can hold a fork, you can go to York"
Then again, I suppose it really depends on the program you want to enter.
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A photo of FBerle625 FBerle625
whooa kay!

Ryerson is actually not a bad school!
Their best programs are journalism and business, but they're definitely not that bad. They're just new. They give a lot of early acceptances, which is good. It's one of my fallback schools. What i like about Ryerson is their Undeclared Science program, where you can start from a broad range of study and then decide what you like, as opposed to studying something thinking that you like it and end up doing something else and wasting $xx,xxx dollars.

And about the Biomedical Engineering program, that's what i heard!
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