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Ryerson tuition overpayment, help?

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Ok so I applied for OSAP and I got it all processed, and all of first year was supposed to be covered by OSAP. Everything was fine, but for some reason when I checked RAMSS at a later date it showed that I still had a $577 balance. I thought that there was some sort of problem and decided to just pay it off myself. Fast forward 4 days and it's paid, but it was paid by OSAP! So I'm expecting a negative balance on my RAMSS accounting due to my earlier deposit, but it has been at least a week since I paid and the money still has not shown up! I hope my $600 just didn't vanish, it sure as hell isn't in my bank account.

What should I do, I'm sure Ryerson has received it by now but it's not showing up on my RAMSS.
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