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Ryerson University QUESTIONS : Biology Program

A photo of sanamtaz sanamtaz
Hello there!
I'm really interested in applying for a very biology type program. I went to the uni fair and a chemistry prof from Ryerson made me really wanna go to Ryerson for their biology program. Can someone give me some info about it, I've researched but i was wondering:

1) about courses and what times majority are (for the biology program), are there a lot of night classes? my mother doesn't like the idea of a far away school and me being there late...i'm trying to tell her to move on and thats life, but she wants to know this :P
2) is this the "life sci" equivalent...or is there a life sci program. How different would this be from lifesci at mac?
3) will this program give me all the required courses for med school /dental school for the future?
4) how did you like it?! :D
i really want to go but these are some lingering questions id like to ask someone who is actually doing the program!
5) Ive heard about the co-op...where is this placement and what do you do? I believe its Sick Kids

i really wanna do courses with a lot of human anatomy, immunology, microbiology and i know mac life sci has all of it but the campus/university life of ryerson makes me a lot more...interested! My sister goes to mac for life sci but i feel like Ryerson is the uni i want to be at!
thanks again!!
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A photo of sllencer sllencer
I guess I can only answer the 1st one, this is pretty much generally true for all schools.
There is always a chance that your schedule may have classes that end in the evening (6 or 7 or even later) I don't know if you consider this late.

As for whether the courses you take satisfy med school requirements, you should call ...I don't know, Ryerson, the med school you think you're applying to, the governing body of med schools?
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