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Ryerson vs Carleton - Criminology/Criminal Justice

A photo of melissa93 melissa93
Ive been accepted into both Ryerson and Carleton for Criminal Justice and Criminology. I have yet to tour the campuses of these universities. I was just hoping to get your opinion on what university/program is better or what you liked about it the best. I am definitly torn between the two, kind of leading towards Ryerson because its downtown Toronto, but I love Carleton too because the location is beautiful.
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2 replies
A photo of heesoup heesoup
In terms of program, I am sure they are similar. However, Carleton has a cleaner campus.
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A photo of dan031 dan031
I am not to familiar with the Ryerson program but I really liked what Carleton had to offer:

1) Different areas to major in.
2) Many different co-op positions (several of which are with the gov't)
3) Like you said beautiful campus.
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