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Ryerson vs. Sheridan - Photography

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Does anyone know the pro's and con's of the photography degree programs at both Ryerson and Sheridan? I was unable to attend Ryerson Days so while I have toured the campus, I have not toured the photography department. I am going to Sheridan on April 30th, but same thing, have not yet seen the photography department. Any input would be appreciated.
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i toured the sheridan campus for their orientation on photography program
ill tell u what they told me..

-they have amazing labs that r like colour coded for... good function..for ur brain.. somethgn like that
-amazing printers and scanners.. print like 30ft posters *_*
-free lens renting
-get to use $30k phaseone and haselblad(Sp) camera.. *_*
-and other cool stuff that i cant remember..

-i havent toured ryerson's program yet, but from research sheridan's program is much better..
ryerson focuses on "learnig about photography" like reading and stuff
and sheridan focuses on doing photography

hope to see u next year :D
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Thanks for the info. I have been accepted to the Sheridan applied photography program for September. Just waiting to hear about Ryerson, but probably won't hear for a bit still. I am going to the Sheridan open house on the 30th as I really want to see what they have to offer. I have been doing photography for 6+ years, so I am really looking more to develop myself. Thanks again!
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