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Scared I won't get into the program I want?

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I applied for Human Resources at York (BHRM) and it says the pre-requisite is one university math. The only university math I'm taking is data management and it's 62 right now. Math is my only weakness. I was getting 75 before the last test which I failed because I didn't get a chance to study.. I could potentially bring it back up to 70, but even with 62 bringing down my average, my average is still 78. This is my first choice and I really want to get it, do I have a chance?
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A photo of Jack555 Jack555
Hard to say.

According to http://www.electronicinfo.ca/en/program-details.php?pcode=0_190212_2049_0

They did not include a grade cut off.

But 78 is a pretty decent average for human resources, if you boost data a little bit it will be an 80. i wouldnt be too worried if i were you.

You can call york admissions to get an idea of what avg they are looking for :)
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I got accepted to their BHRM in January based on my grade 11 marks. My overall average was 81.3% while my top 5 average was 88.5%. It shouldn't be too difficult.
At the university fair, the York Rep told me that the cut-off is usually 82%, but I highly doubt it.
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