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A photo of Nithl Nithl
This class is the death of me. I've never tried as hard in a class ever in my life, and yet I'm still doing terrible. I have a 79% in it right now, and it's bringing my average WAY down. I have the exam in two weeks, and I don't know how I'm going to do well on it. Any tips?
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A photo of Blargg Blargg
Omg, I'm in the same situation. Chem is also my lowest mark. Thankfully, it won't be counted towards my top 6. I wish I can give you advice, but I hate chemistry with a passion.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Wow..you guys are lucky..my class avg is 66%..damn teacher is really hard.. Doesn't give no homework and gives big booklets. He just sits there all day expects us to learn everything. And when we go to ask him a question, he'll be like, wow you don't know this? I'm getting a 55%.. I hope I pass the exam -.- damn...i'm sad :(
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A photo of MaryWalton MaryWalton
Don't worry, your mark isn't that low, you obviously know your stuff. There are kids in my chem class that have low 60s because they don't do any of the labs or pay attention in class. My sugget\stions to you would be to make sure you're making notes in class and study as much as possible for everything. It is a hard subject but if you understand y\the basic concepts you'll do fine.
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A photo of Jordan23 Jordan23
Sammmmeeee. Chemistry is killing my average. Can't believe how much I hate it..
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A photo of Nithl Nithl
Haha, and I thought I was the only one having a hard time! Seriously, this class is going to be the death of me. Organic chemistry = mind blown. Oh well, only 3 days left and then an exam. Hope I pass :|
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A photo of ttaarraa ttaarraa
I hate hate hate chemistry. In grade 11, I got a 70%, by some miracle.
This year, I'm getting a 77%, which is not that great. I got 95% on my final project though so I'm hoping that'll raise my mark. Exam is exactly in 1 week today - and I haven't started reviewing yet because we've been learning new material up until now. My class average is so bad that the teacher won't even put it on our progress reports...
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A photo of Arisse11 Arisse11
Ah, chemistry. I love the subject but I hate the mark I'm getting(especially since it's IB)!
It's not so bad once you get used to it though! A word of advice, when you study, keep track of everything you've done so far by making your own notes on them! This way, you can understand everything on your own terms! Make it as interesting and appealing to you so it's actually easy to study from(and useful later on).And besides, the teacher's notes sometimes don't help, but the textbook is useful~!
Good luck on the exams everyone!
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