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Scholar's Elective Application

A photo of paramecium paramecium
Is it worth applying to SE for Western if I've applied to the ESM stream?

I don't know what the application entails exactly since I haven't received my Western confirmation emails yet.

My future career hopes are to enter Pharmacy school or to complete a dual degree with Ivey.
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A photo of clarab clarab
I know a couple kids in SE this year, and I've heard mixed reviews.
A couple of them LOVE LOVE LOVE the program, say it's the best thing ever, etc.
Others says it's ok, but not really worth the effort for the tiny certificate you get at the end.
And even more say it's too much work, is causing their GPA to drop, etc.

... the application isn't too bad, I can't remember exactly what it entails, but I looked at it last year when I was considering SE, but I decided against it. In my opinion, it is alot of additional work which you really don't need to be doing while trying to maintain a high GPA. You want to get a chance to work with professors or in a lab? Do it in the summer, when you have the chance to really enjoy the experience.

That being said, the arts kids I know who are in SE all think it's great, so it's an entirely different story for them, but I think for science it may be a wasted effort.

However, it's your choice, and you may really benefit from the program. Have you come to Western yet for a tour? If/when you do, make sure to ask more abou SE, because you may find that it's something which really interests you!
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A photo of paramecium paramecium
How likely is it to work with Professors in a lab during the summer though? If it's like highly competitive, might as well try SE?
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A photo of clarab clarab
Well, if you put enough effort into it during the year, you can most likely get a good job working with a prof during the summer. You just have to make sure to make yourself known; go to office hours, email the prof with questions, and as silly as it sounds, sit at the front of the lecture hall just to make your face more familiar. Ask around about work experience, apply to everything you can, and if you do enough of this you will probably be able to find a summer position.

However, scholars electives does provide the same sort of thing, except it's during the year. Just for me, knowing how much work first year science actually is, I'm not sure if taking SE is a viable option if you want to maintain a high GPA and a good list of EC's which you are highly involved in, and keep a decent social life.
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A photo of tucanj tucanj
Can somebody in the program please comment on how much extra work it is, the difficulty of that work, the value of the program, and how the scholar's electives floor is?
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A photo of paramecium paramecium
Any extra fee to apply?
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A photo of tatec tatec
I didn't do it but I heard it was pretty bad too. It brings down your GPA so much and it's a lot of extra work. But I guess it would be an interesting opportunity.
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A photo of Aceticacid Aceticacid
I am a second year science student enrolled in the BMS program and I am also a scholar's elective student. Its a fantastic program, if you have the chance APPLY. They place your school work as a priority. First year in science, is easy and is not what everyone says it is, just avoid procrastination, listen to your BIO lectures, do your chem and physics problems, and your good to GO.
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