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Scholarship for 100% on diploma?

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I recently got my math diploma (Pure Math 30) back and got 100% on it. I was wondering if there were any scholarships for this? My LA and Social aren't great (both just above an 80) so my average isn't high enough to get those kinds of scholarships. I finished Math with a 97. My school councilor thought there was, but was never able to find it. I am planning on going to the University of Alberta next year, if that helps any. Thanks in advance!
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I'm also from Alberta, and did a LOT of scholarship research back in grade 12 and didn't come across anything that gave you a scholarship for 100% on one diploma. I received 100% for the Chem 30 diploma so would've known about it!

Hope you get some U of A scholarships though. They were quite generous to me. Keep your eye out for scholarships in your 2nd, 3rd and 4th years. For example, Jason Lang is an automatic $1000 if your GPA is above a 3.2 (I think)
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