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Scholarships, Acceptances, and Midterms

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My guidance office recently sent in my marks to OUAC, and as of now, my average is sitting at just about 92 - not spectacular, but definitely within what I'd call a safe range.

Now, the difference between 88.9 and 90 as far as scholarships and acceptances are concerned is pretty big, so here's my problem. I'll admit that my top 6 is rather inflated by my 2nd semester midterm marks (namely a 98 in Writer's Craft and 95 in Physics) - however, I'm not leaving anything to chance and I recognize that those marks could easily slip.

So, do universities place a higher weight on final marks as opposed to midterms? Do most universities give admission scholarships based on your marks when they accept you, or your final marks?

One last, slightly off topic and less important question - I finished with a 78 in Advanced Functions last semester, but now have an 88 in Calc & Vectors - that 78 won't be a problem, will it? It's my lowest mark by a good 7% ._.;
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A photo of andrewk512 andrewk512
Admission scholarships are university dependent. You'll have to look into your specific schools.
Outlying low marks aren't a big deal for acceptances, unless you don't meet some sort of minimum requirement.
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