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Scholarships for a very unique International Student

A photo of yehyun yehyun
Hi, looking through this forum got me thinking i could receive some feedback on my very unique situation.

I've been in Canada for about 8 years now but could not get permanent residence due to a variety of personal and private issues. And this really upsets me when it comes to OSAP.
Now in grade 12, my grade 11 marks reach avg of 98% and i plan to maintain this percentage until i graduate. But my status is still an international student which limits me from getting OSAP and from there the demonstration of financial need. Alot of the scholarships require that you demonstrate financial need, but from what i've heard from my counsellor the usual demonstration of financial need is based on the information you put on OSAP and i would need to show other documents of income and whatnot to prove my need since i am not eligible for OSAP.

Is this true? I'm in dire need of awards because the tuition is off the hook for international students..
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A photo of tamika17 tamika17
im in the same situation and its very hard i am keep faith that thing would work out and that a solution would come i am hoping to get awards just keep the faith something will come i am praying this does not affect me going to univesity and fullfilling my dreams
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A photo of ktel ktel
There are a ton of academic based scholarships, and if you continue to have a 98% average, you will easily be in the running for those. Add some ECs and you should be able to get a lot of money
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A photo of yehyun yehyun
Thanks guys !

now that i know the key words merit-based or academic-based, i can narrow down my research to quite a handful for international students and not waste time looking through need-based awards
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