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Scholarships for those wishing to study abroad

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I am a Canadian citizen graduate last year returned to high school to take a coop in my field of interest. I'm pursuing a golf scholarship in the United States. Schooling is double or triple what it is here in Canada and I would only be eligible for partial academic partial athletic scholarship. Is there any awards out there that are offered for a student like me because as of now I'm striking out. I have excellent grade point average, extracurricular activities and community service.

Any ideas?
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Check out the United World Colleges (UWC) website. Basically it was started by the United Nations in the 60s to get youth educated and meeting other like-minded individuals, Canada has a College located in BC called the Pearson College.
How it works is that you apply to the College in your home country (so Pearson College) and then after a series of interviews, you could be attend the Pearson College or another college in a different country. There are about 12 colleges from Swaziland to Italy to New Mexico to Costa Rica. Any graduate of any of the UWC Colleges automatically gets a scholarship to an American University and Harvard is on the list....
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