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Scholarships in Gr. 11?

A photo of waazup waazup
Hello, I'm in gr. 11 and I was looking through several sites to find scholarships. I can't really "find" any scholarships, all the ones I open are essays. I've already applied for two though, short 300 word essays. Others are 1,000 words on a science related topic (which I am not going into) and it doesn't seem worth it (I know I shouldn't say that) because I am a fairly busy guy. Are there any scholarships or awards I can apply for, that require basic information like if you are highly academically capable or something in the form of an application? I just finished the semester with a 91-ish avg. and three awards from last year in subjects. So, are there any scholarships that require what you've accomplished and based on that you can qualify? Or are they all just essays?

Also, I have some confusion on applying to scholarships. I know that almost 95% + scholarships are for Grade 12 and university students. Can we ONLY apply to scholarships given out by the program you are applying for in post-secondary? I know that there are government ones, but I haven't even seen many..Do high schools give them out? I'm a young guy and still gotta figure out a lot of stuff.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
If I was you, I wouldn't be too concerned about winning scholarships in grade 11.
Instead, I would take that time out to go out and find more EC opportunities so that when you apply next year, you'll stand out from everyone else!
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A photo of SAMS SAMS
There usaully aren't any scholarships for grade 11 specifically. They are usally for garde 12 students or students already in college, university, ect. However you can sometimes find scholarships that are open to anyone with some type of age requirement.
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A photo of Mot345 Mot345
I've seen some schools give out scholarships to people in grade 11, but they were only for people with super good marks. I've gotta agree with cyynthiia, get out and do volunteering, work experience and all that kind of stuff. And pay attention in English for those essays!
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A photo of srowat srowat
I have seen quite a few of scholarships that are based on volunteering or leadership things that you have done. I am trying to do more of that because it really looks as if it would help. It also helps you meet people that would be good reference letter people. Many scholarships also ask for people of reference. Good Luck!
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A photo of CheyenneS CheyenneS
I'm in grade 11 as well and in the same boat. I've resorted to just researching essays and writing them down somewhere in order to have a head start come grade 12.
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A photo of veronikab veronikab
Try looking at some local scholarships/awards given by local organizations or your city council. I'm in grade 11 and in the same boat! I've found that there's basically only essay competitions for our grade!
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A photo of NinaHagerty NinaHagerty
It's definately good that you've started looking for scholarship opportunities, I've only started looking now and feel like I've missed out on a lot of chances. I do agree with what someone else said above, try and focus more on volunteer/community opportunities seeing as how you can build those up towards winning scholarships in the future. Good luck :)
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A photo of waazup waazup
yeah thanks I guess I should start focusing on EC's more..I just wanted to see if I could get anything for my previous marks.. but I guess it doesn't really matter what you get in grade 10 and 11...
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