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I am in grade 12 and looking to apply to school for business and plan to specialize in marketing. What school is best for marketing specifically? I am very creative but also great with math and people, which is why I am leaning towards marketing. If anyone has any suggestions for a business program that seems fitting that would be greatly appreciated!!
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Hey, If your considering on specialize in marketing then Laurier BBA would be the best school because of its marketing and entrepreneurial spirit. There has been many marketing graduates from Laurier and many clubs focus on marketing. It was also listed in the top in terms of marketing career on linkedin. If you manage to get co-op at Laurier, then there's a huge chance that you can stand out of the crowd because marketing is a oversaturated field and employers are looking to hire candidates with experience.  
Check out the program requirements : https://academic-calendar.wlu.ca/program.php?cal=1&d=1079&p=2195&s=503&y=53
You can also consider Queens commerce but laurier would be the best option because experience is what matters.

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Thank you so much! This is super helpful, we actually have a university fair at my school tomorrow so I will for sure talk to Laurier more about this.
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