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(Guessing that Criminal Justice is more of a Social Science)

I'm having a hard time deciding what school to go to next year to obtain a BA/BAA of Criminal Justice. I'm sitting on the fence between Humber College and Ryerson University.
Help please? (In terms of which school is better)I'm trying to pursue a career in policing. Thank you.

Off topic: Also is there a difference between a Bachelor of Applied Arts and a Bachelor of Arts?
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I am currently enrolled in the BA program at Georgian College for Police Studies. I believe it is similar to the Humber program but with the GC program we have full access to OPP HQ which is a huge benefit!:cheers:
According to our program co-ordinator they have dropped the word "applied" from the BA studies at Georgian. I don't know if that the case at Humber etc.....However if your tossed between Humber and ryerson only then I would go with Humber
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My sister is at Ryerson and absolutely ADORES it,
if you like city life then it's a good choice considering its like two blocks away fom Yonge Street...

Go with your gut instinct but think about environments, extra curriculars etc,

Ryerson has awesome school spirit and has new buildings being re-vamped
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