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Schulich App "Not Yet Received"

A photo of Augustus1 Augustus1
If our mailed application arrived at the York office on Feb 2 but it still says Not Yet Received on MyFile, should we be worried? If York doesn't transfer it to Schulich by the 8th am I SOL?
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A photo of Jack555 Jack555
i think it says it may take up to a week for it to say recieved after they have actaully recieved it just cause thousands of applications are arriving this week
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A photo of tusaani tusaani
This is what they sent me:


It will take approximately 10 business days for your MYFile account to be updated.

Best regards,

Undergraduate Programs Unit
Student Services & International Relations
Schulich School of Business

Kinda makes me worried cuz I have no way of knowing if the post screwed up till after the deadline -.-
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