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Schulich BBA or Waterloo AFM + MAcc

A photo of HSivarajah HSivarajah
Which do you recommend?
Is the master of accounting at Waterloo worth it
I mean it directly prepares you for the UFE and allows you to skip CKE and SOA. A waterloo prof told me that most people who don't do Master of Accounting end up doing the CKE a year later because they find it hard to work and study at the same time or they feel like they aren't ready yet.
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A photo of aeryn aeryn
Which one you should go to depends on your priorities. Are you dead set on becoming a CA? Are you sure accounting is what you want to work in? If so, AFM-PA and MAcc will give you a great head start. It's definitely worth it.
If you're not sure about accounting, and want more flexibility, pick Schulich. It's the second best thing for accounting if you want to go into it, and if not, Schulich is still an excellent school for other areas of business.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Technically, both schools are great, I would rank Schulich better/more prestigious in terms of Accounting, not second best, but Waterloo will definitely give you a head start. In the end, accountants that are pre-CA's get paid pretty much the same. But Like the above poster said, Schulich is excellent for other areas as well.
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
I'm in UW right now, and the new finance initiative is really sweeping the School of Accounting and Finance. There are definitely some very attractive finance jobs in upper years. Some of the PAs have elected not to do their Maccs and have moved into Finance.

Don't underestimate potentially working for a very big firm in as early as 2nd year winter. No other school will give you as good as an opportunity that early other than Waterloo.
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A photo of Sahana25 Sahana25
Do you think that Waterloo AFM-FM is better than UTSC co-op?
I know this is quite off topic, but I'm currently in Waterloo, and I'm looking to switch to UTSC for a broader business degree. Many have said that it is pointless to go to Waterloo for FM instead of PA.
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
The only difference between FM and PA is reserved CATO coop jobs and FM kids can apply to to jobs externally anyways. Other than that, they take the same courses, etc. Also, it's no longer FM/PA but Business and Finance vs. Chartered Accountancy.
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