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Schulich Difficulty

A photo of JSH10 JSH10
How difficult is schulich really?
I have heard people say that it is VERY difficult to achieve anything above 80%.
Is this true?
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A photo of BSchoolMaster BSchoolMaster
Grading at schulich is not harder than other schools - people complain because they come from inflated high schools who don't deserve to be in Schulich in the first place.
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
Schulich is actually arguably easier than the other Bschools (i.e. Queens, Ivey(3+4)). No offense but a lot of Schulich's acceptances are bullcrap - I know a bunch of people who got 70s in grd 11 functions and bought their 97s in 12 math courses and got into Schulich and etc. It also seems as BSchoolMaster mentioned that Schulich is the school of choice for the students with over-inflated marks from crappy high schools .
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