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Schulich Ivey or Queens

A photo of siddhantdilawari siddhantdilawari
Hi i am currently a grade 12 student and have just applied to universities. I plan to specialize in finance upon my graduation. I am really confused if i should apply to ivey AEO application, or my second option is to attend schulich for the first 2 years and then switch to ivey for the last people because the people i have known say that ivey is the best university for finance, but i am not really sure if its fairly easy to switch to ivey from schulich or if there is any other complications. I could also go to queens for finance because it is also a reputated university for graduating investing bankers. Please give me some advice :)
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A photo of goldmansachs goldmansachs

@siddhantdilawari wrote
investing bankers

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If you're 100% set on IB/trading, go to Queen's. If you want to explore other business specialization or get into corporate finance, I recommend Schulich. Why? I don't want to repeat what has been said thousands of times. Use the search button.
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A photo of Super Super
It's too early in the game to be debating which offer to accept... unless you are a super qualified applicant.

You haven't even received any offers, if I'm not wrong.
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A photo of Windsongs4 Windsongs4
agreeing with Super. wait till u get some offers;
and lol investing banker ::PP
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