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Schulich leaders references

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I used 2 math and science teachers as my references for the schulich scholarship. Do you think this will hurt my chances of getting it because I am starting to realize that this is only showing one side of me. But then again it is a scholarship for those interested in math/science fields.
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Hey, it should be fine don't worry about it. I used one volunteer reference and one science reference. Just out of curiosity, how long were your references letters?
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A photo of Hdefinition Hdefinition
Unfortunately, I wasn't the nominee despite having the highest average in the whole school (98) and having solid technical EC's. My references were well respected but the letters werent too long and i thought that may have been a disadvantage. One was about 2 paragraphs while the other was a total of 6 lines (lol). Someone bested me by having more leadership involvement in the community even though I was the best science, math and technology student. I was under the impression that a candidate with those skills would be more favorable because this is after all a scholarship for students interested in those fields.
Having no real leadership positions will probably prevent me from getting any scholarships :(
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