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Hey guys,

I'm finally going to ask my teacher for a reference letter (yes this is quite late, LOL). How should my teacher address the school (even though she probably knows how to)?

Ex. Dear, ------ To whom it may concern, (LOL)

If I want it to be used for other scholarship purposes it should be addressed to someone in general so what would that sound like?

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The Schulich Admission Committee
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5. Reference letters are character reference letters, not academic. They should verify activities/events mentioned
in the Activity Log. Reference Letters must be:
 Written on official letterhead from the school or organization including contact information
(telephone number and/or email).
Note: If the referee does not have access to letterhead, a business card can be attached to the
reference letter.
 We will only accept reference letters from professionals (i.e. Teachers, guidance counselors,
coaches, employers, etc). Note: Reference letters from parents, relatives or friends are not
 Addressed to the Schulich Admissions Committee, include the applicants name and the program
you have applied to.
 Reference Letters do not need to be submitted in sealed envelopes. We prefer that they are
stapled to your Supplementary Information Form following the completed essay questions and
Activity Log.

From the Schulich website.
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