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Schulich, Rotman, Laurier BBA??

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Hi, I'm a high school student who's going to grade 12 this coming September. At this point, I've pretty much decided that I want to do a general business undergrad (BBA or BComm)but I need some opinions on what courses I should take in grade 12.

Currently, I've selected:
Advanced Functions
International Business
Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Now, I've narrowed my list of potential schools down to Schulich (BBA), Laurier (BBA), or Rotman (BComm).

If I'm not mistaken, Schulich and Laurier require that you have either calculus OR data management. Rotman however, requires calculus.

Since Math is not my strong subject (I got 81 in Functions Grade 11), I would prefer to take Data Management as its supposedly MUCH easier than Calc.

My question is, should I take Calc or Data? Or both?

Also, how does Rotman compare to Schulich and Laurier? Is it worth taking Calc to try and get into Rotman?

BTW. I live in Mississauga so if I get into Rotman, I dont have to live on residence at Laurier (this would save my parents ALOT of money).

Detailed answers are appreciated! Thanks!

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If you're not confident about doing well in maths, I'd take both. Your calc won't be on your top 6 if it isn't one of your higher marks, so you don't really have much to lose, apart form the time you put into it of course. Generally, Schulich is a tier 1 school (arguably under both QC and Ivey though), while Rotman and Laurier BBA are tier 2 programs. UTSG is better known and what not so often it is considered better, but Laurier does have co-op so... depends what you value. From the forums, Rotman has had some weird sh*t going on in terms of acceptances, especially since everyone says you need an 85+ ENG4U to be admitted. In terms of top 6 averages, I think Laurier/Rotman needs mid-high 80s, Schulich low 90s.
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