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Schulich Supp App!

A photo of callmecrazy callmecrazy
Hey guys!

First Question: Have you started/completed/submitted your supp app form? (choose one)

Secondly: I was wondering how I should format the activity report (should it be a table/bulleting/other). Simlarly should I leave out things that I've only done for like 2 hours (under the volunteering category) or should I include them? Does it make me sound desperate?

Thanks a bunch!! GL on your app too :)
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A photo of Haru Haru
Don't know if you still need an answer right now considering it's been a month, but to answer your question.

yes i've just submitted my supp form today! feeling pretty good to get it outta the way!

It depends on how full our EC table is. If there's at least 1 or 2 things in each category and in each year then you should be fine. But include it if your table looks a bit empty.

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