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Schulich Supplementary Application question

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Hello everyone, I was just wondering for those of you personally handing in your supplementary application, what are you going to write on the front of the envelope? I'm not really accustomed to doing this kind of stuff...so I'm really confused about that. Would anyone mind helping?
Oh and also, what is the address we drop our application off at?
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A photo of Redprince Redprince
I personally went in to hand in the supplementary too. I had mine in an envelope but they told me to take it out and give it to them...so, don't bother with an envelope.

But, if you really want to do it, than what I did was...

Student number
Program applying too
my address.

hope this helped.
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A photo of Jack555 Jack555
the address lol...find york university, shouldnt be hard. then find a campus map which are everywhere then find the schulich building, its a big glass building. then go to the information desk when u walk in and ask which room u should deposit it.
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