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A photo of VivekanJey VivekanJey
So I've applied to Schulich BBA, UTSC Co-op Management, Rotman Commerce, Math/CA at Waterloo, and AFM at Waterloo

I was wondering how the student experience, and school environment is in all these schools/programs.
I heard that Schulich had a set business schedule so you only have one elective. In other words, I heard that in first year you only get to take certain programs set out for you? Is that true? Is that how it is in those other programs? How do they differ?

I really want to know the school environment in these schools because that's crucial to which uni we attend. Which of these schools follow a more university experience rather than a high school environment?

In terms of co-op value, Schulich doesn't offer Co-op and we have to find a placement ourselves, whereas Rotman offers PEY in fourth year, and obviously UTSC and Waterloo offer Co-Op. Do you think anyone of these programs is considered better because of co-op? I mean like I'm really concerned about the job market after University, and I want to know how much of an effect co-op has on our opportunities. Seeing as Schulich is SCHULICH, does not having co-op downgrade it in anyway?

Sorry for all these questions but if anyone can offer any insights for at least some of my concerns that would be greatly appreciated, because I'm so lost on which of these to go for!

Thanks alot!!
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A photo of g93 g93
Both AFM and Math/CA will have no electives in first year (although I believe that in Math/CA you get to pick between a few math/comp sci courses, someone else can confirm/deny). In AFM you begin immediately with related content. Over the years you only get 5 electives. There's not much room to explore other subject areas without overloading.

Waterloo isn't a commuter school. Most people live on residence or in the student housing in the nearby area (Laurier is just down the road). It's more university-like in that regard compared to, say, UTSC. Waterloo's campus life is said to be on the lower-end of the scale. It's not really bad, and compared to the other programs you mentioned it's more than fine. There's a ton of clubs and ways to get involved, and the SAF community is Waterloo is very supportive and lot's of fun.

I wouldn't say that not having Schulich detracts from Schulich, it simply adds to the others. Schulich does provide good opportunities for internships and post grad jobs, but being able to apply to post-grad jobs with 16 months of co-op experience on your resume will be of huge benefit to you as well.
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
You get to choose between difficult levels for Math/CS courses but yeah you have a set load of courses.
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