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Schulich vs AFM-FM

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Which one would be better to pursue a CA designation? I know alot of my friends have been discussing this and I know many others have as well. Discuss.
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IMO schulich
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I'm also debating between these two...for some reason i really want to go to Waterloo (the co-op) although i have a feeling that Schulich may be the better choice....I myself have asked this question and have been told that at Schulich one can get an internship but this would have to be done externally during the summer ( i emailed them)....I honestly don't know whats the best :(...my heart says Waterloo but my brain says Schulich ...too bad they don't agree

EDIT:Also i want to add that i called Waterloo and Patty Mah told me that FM students can get PA jobs after the first co-op term, a current student told me that this will take time and some extra work
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A photo of Nanners Nanners
To be honest, I think you can't go wrong with either program. Schulich is highly recognized amongst the Big 4 CA firms and I think your internship is not in competition with the Waterloo and Laurier kids am I correct? (I may be wrong.) The thing that scares me for FM is the co-op program as I hear that even some Math CA kids and Pa kids can't find CATO jobs then what does that speak of the chances that FM kids have? I hope someone can clear this up for me
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