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Schulich/Rotman or none of the above?

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I have received the same information over and over again about Schulich and Rotman. These are the top two business programs I am considering as I live in Toronto & would prefer to stay in the city to go to university (& cannot afford to go elsewhere). I have enjoyed my highschool business classes very much but I enjoy other subject areas as well & I'm just not sure if I should take advantage of my undergraduate years of university to learn about "everything": psychology, history, english, etc. & then pursure an MBA afterwards. I have spoken to someone who has graduated from one of these business programs, people who work at York & U of T and guidance counsellors, but I just want to hear the opinion of someone who is experiencing one of the programs now. What is it really like: the professors, the workload & assignments, the number of electives permitted to experience other subject areas & anything else that would be important.
Please help, I would really appreciate an honest opinion & thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.
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