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Schulich/York Residence

A photo of zaidpass zaidpass
Hey guys I was wondering how the York residences are. I might be going to Schulich and I think I'm going to live at residence. I live in Ajax so commuting is hour 30 there and and hour 30 back. Plus I want the first year experience :) .

Can someone who knows abit about the different type of residence explain to me each one or help me pick one. I am a very social person, I love video games and am athletic at the same time. I want partying/interesting dorm where people don't complain at night (past midnight). I don't like music (well the music we do in highschool: instruments). So yah help me decide. I am probably going to the residence tour too but just in case so I have an idea before I go, if I go.
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A photo of IanSharer IanSharer
Well Calumet is the residence "associated" with Schulich, but it's a suite style so it's not the most social residence. Check out the traditional style residences if you want a more social atmosphere and apply soon as the deadline is less than two weeks away.
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