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for a physics major, which university seems best to choose, U of T or McGill.
McGill seems like the best globally known university but U of T gets the most funding out of all Canadian universities and almost twice more then any other. (not sure what year that was). I also heard from students that u of t is a more book university were almost all info comes from your books while McGill is less reading and more presentation material while I PREFER books more.
which would you say is best and why?
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Hey there, I'm a physics major at UofT.

Are you sure that McGill is more internationally renowned than UofT? I kind of doubt that because Toronto is probably more well known a city than Montreal in general. You can check things like the Times Universities Rankings List or the QS University Rankings - Natural Sciences section and compare them. UofT ranks higher for natural sciences.

I wouldn't say that ALL your info comes from books at UofT. Still, most of the textbooks I've used for my physics courses have been very helpful. However, I think you're underestimating the impact a good professor can have :cheers:. I've had several physics professors who were really helpful and clear, and have gone to talk to them in their office hours. They really helped me understand material from the books that I didn't understand. Also, some of them have been really nice and have offered to write me reference letters and the like :) -- ended up getting a position as a research assistant at the Physics Department. But yes, most classes have a textbook and you can learn a lot from your textbooks.

I don't know anything about McGill, so unfortunately I can't give you much of a perspective on their side.
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