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Science or Business?

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Hello, I am currently a grade 11 student just about to finish second semester within the IBT program and am in a dilemma regarding my field of study. Growing up, I always aspired to be a lawyer, and despite not taking any law courses up till now, I still feel that law is something I would love to pursue as my life-long career and various faculty feel that it suits my goals as well as my personality. However, the issue resides with the fact that attaining a post-grad law degree requires an undergraduate in basically any field, and it is in determining this undergraduate that I have the utmost difficulty. I have taken grade 11 and 12 accounting, grade 12 International Business, as well as the Grade 11 Sciences (Bio,Chem,Phys) and feel that I like them all achieving great marks as well (94 in Gr12 Accounting, 95 in International Business, 97 in Physics, 89 in Chemistry, and 82 In bio [I put little to no effort in bio]). Now, I am not sure if this is the right board to be asking this question, but I would really appreciate any advice as to how I could determine the field that is more suiting to me as I basically like everything in business as well as science.

PS: I have considered completing an Undergraduate that would lead me to a CA designation and then going to Law school, but the prospect of science as a field of study still holds me back.

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