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Second year course help UWO

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Hey Guys,

Second year course selection is quickly approaching, and I need to figure out my electives. I have two elective spaces now, and I was womdering if I could get some help. As of now, I am thinking of:

Astronomy 2022A: Origin of the Universe
Speech 2001?: Forms of Oral Discourse
Geography 2045A: Russia+Soviet Union
Writing 2111F: Professional Writing

Keep in mind, I'm an english Major (declared until Ivey), so I am not looking for something that is too math or science driven.

Looking for 85%+

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A photo of waitaminute waitaminute
2022A - My soph took that last year and said it was pretty easy. I think theres mainly MC stuff, max 1 "essay" that is pretty easy. I also heard good things about Speech 2001 but it depends on your prof. Some are really hard and it's hard to get above a 70. Writing 2111F also souns good and pretty helful to improve your writing skills in general. I have heard it's manageable to get an 80+. Also, if you're in English I assume you're good at writing already
No idea about the Geo
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