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self-report and transcript grades

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I'm a student in BC applying for the science programs offered at Waterloo, UWO, UBC, UoT, and McGill.

UWO recommends me to report midyear/final grades by Dec 21st, but I'm just a few weeks into 2nd term, so i don't have midyear marks yet. My friend tells me I'm supposed to average out my first and second term marks and then self-report them. Should I just go ahead and report my first term marks?

Waterloo asks for winter-midterm marks, so does that I mean I have to wait until I get my 2nd term marks in early March before I can send a midyear transcript to them? I heard that some people sent first term marks to ontario universities and that was enough to complete a part of their applications - is it possible to just send first term marks and then second term marks later (with job action happening)?

Also, my 2nd terms marks so far aren't looking that great compared to my first term marks, but do universities place more consideration on 2nd term marks or final grades on the official transcript when making acceptance decisions?

Please let me know if you guys have any info. Thanks in advance!
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