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For UTSG's first year seminars..
are there any seminars you guys would recommend (that u have precious experience with)?
what seminars don't have any essay writing?
Is there any seminars without exams?

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Depends on what you're studying and what your interests are. You should use seminar courses to satisfy what used to be called the distribution requirement (I can't remember what they're called now). Seminars rarely have exams, since the class size is so small that they're usually unwarranted. Usually a final assignment or an optional exam is assigned, but of course, it varies with the prof.
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A photo of littlepea101 littlepea101
I am in life science

breadth requirements u mean...so i am trying to fulfil the 1/2/3 breadth requirements
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Good luck trying to find a humanities/arts seminar that doesn't require essay writing. If you want to avoid that particular pitfall, I suggest taking an introductory course in a language instead.

But to answer your question, I've heard tons of good things about "Raiders, Traders, and Invaders: the Vikings and Their Descendants" (assuming it's offered next year), since the prof is practically a stand-up comedian with an Oxbridge bent. I've heard decent things about a symbology seminar too, but only if you don't mind memorizing a lot of stuff.
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Check this http://assu.ca/anti-calendar for ratings on the courses.
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I recommend that you take an ENG course instead. It will fulfill your degree requirement and also fulfill the pre-requisite that many Medical Schools require (I assume you are aiming for this).
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