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Seneca's cafeteria

A photo of CaroleM CaroleM
I'm currently at the Seneca @York campus and the food options here are very limited. I'm a healthy person and I don't like eating junk food, but that is precisely what Seneca's cafeteria offers. I'm forced to eat unhealthy Pizza Pizza because it's the only filling food at a good price. My other options? Pasta salad, pre made sandwiches, hamburgers.... not much of a selection. They need to step it up.

Anybody else feel the same?
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
I can no longer eat Pizza Pizza for that reason (and because there are no Pizza Pizza stores in Alberta).
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
1. You're at one of what I am sure are many cafeterias.

2. You don't need to eat there.

3. You could bring food from home.

4. You could buy food off campus and bring that to campus.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
i agree with bringing your own food. take away it completely over-rated, and gross! i usually make a big batch of something at home and then freeze individuals to take with me. i also keep snacks in my locker to keep me away from the junk!
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A photo of sarahdoty sarahdoty
Bringing your own food is the best idea! My schools cafe SUCKS all of the food that they do have is nasty and overpriced so i bring my own! Is there not a big food court right by your school? Seneca....right by York. I remember going there for a school thing about the environmental courses. I might have been at York but its so close by that you could just walk there at lunch time...unless you know about what im talking about. If not then bring your lunch and have a nice potlock with all your friends, then steal their food and RUN!
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