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Seriously Need Your Help!!!

A photo of DeMarcus DeMarcus
I need advanced functions next semester and I cant get it in day school since its full. Does anyone know any private school, where I can get a 90+ easily? Yea I know all of you are gonna bash on me, but it is what it is, nd I need the 90+
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A photo of DeMarcus DeMarcus
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A photo of sheslikethis sheslikethis
Yeah sorry man, your best bet in night school,summer school,online class.

What you can do is still apply for the post-secondary institution of your choice, inform them that you will be taking this course and receiving the mark of 90%, and when you are accepted (which you will be ;) ) the school will give a 'condition clause' or something of that sort that you are accepted on the condition the you meet the requirements. Which in your case would be that you pass that class with an average of 90% and above. However, call the chosen school or schools and ask if this course of action is possible.

Either that or take it next year an apply for January start.

Good luck :!: ;)

- sheslikethis :cyclops:

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A photo of Michelly Michelly
It might still be difficult to get 90+ average in functions even doing it in private school. Although if your dedicated and work hard in getting the mark then I'm sure it can be attainable. Depends on where you live but heres a private school that I had heard about from many.


Hope this helps. Best of luck with your studies. =)
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A photo of LampShade LampShade
If you want, you can probably transfer public schools and take advanced functions there. I know my friend who went to an arts school transfered to my school to take Calculus/Vectors so there should be a school that does have your advanced functions class second semester. :)
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