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SES4U (Grade 12 Earth and Space Science) Discussions

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This is somewhat rarely offered, but feel free to share what you know.
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I used to want to take this course, but they took it out because there was little enrollment :(
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I am gonna be taking this class through e-learning next semester. So excited!! This course is all about astronomy, planets and life forms...something I am truly interested in. I don't really know how hard this course is going to be on online, and on top of that it's an 'U' course.Did anyone take in the past and was it successfully? If so, please share your experiences here. Thanks and I look forward to seeing more posts in this thread :)
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A photo of AKhan11 AKhan11
I am currently taking this course right now and I have to say, it is one of the harder sciences (compared to physics). I took it, hoping it would boost my average. But to my surprise, this course is harder than it looks. The first unit (Geologic Time Scale) is easy but the second unit (Earth Materials) is a killer! The Lab tests are really intense because they expect you to look at a random mineral and know what it is instantly! The class average for the minerals lab test was 60%. Now, I have to be honest, I did not put my full effort in this course and thus I currently have an 87%. In my school, If you get above 75% in the course and above 75% on a standardized university exam, you get a free University of Waterloo Science Credit. I'm not too sure how the online course will work, especially in terms of the lab tests but i'm guessing you probably just have pictures and you have to name the mineral? Anyways, I'm finished my long ass rant. The moral of the story is that if you really like Earth Sciences, TAKE THE COURSE! but if you are looking for an average booster, look somewhere else.
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