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Hi guys, I have a question regarding my admission and was hoping someone can answer it!

So I self-reported an average of 86.75% for the Faculty of Science at SFU and I was admitted the next morning. The cut-off was 86%. Last week, our school got our interim report cards, and my "official interim average" is 86.5%, however a university adviser told me that my average will be confirmed!! And I will be getting a letter in May.

I was wondering what type of average will I have to maintain on my final grades, I heard it is in the 70s?! Anyone from last year know? I will be busy in the next months with grad activities so I expect a drop in my average.
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From what I've heard in school and everywhere else, just dont drop over 10% from your average and you'll be fine. If your final marks over 10% you will most likely be kicked out. But obviously try to maintain your average just incase.
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