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Sfu admission

A photo of Icebreakers Icebreakers
I have a couple of questions regarding admission averages into sfu.

I am currently enrolled in grade 12 in B.C.

I looked on the SFU website, and it said that the admission average is calculated by your top four (4) approved grade 12 courses. Does this mean that they won't look into your other courses for your admission? I'm asking this because i am doing fairly well in all of my academic courses but i made a mistake by taking accounting and i'm doing pretty poorly in it ( around a C). I was thinking about dropping it but i was wondering if it would affect my admission average in any way. For example if my marks were

Math 88
Chem 89
English 77
Bio 83
Ap psych 90
Ap stats 80
accounting 60.
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A photo of sierramhoskins sierramhoskins
They take the average from your top four. Looking at your top 4 you should have no problem getting in.
You can drop the course if you're not enjoying it, but its not going to affect you either way.
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