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So, a friend of mine applied for a Bachelor of Arts in Economics at SFU Surrey. Does anyone have any idea of what is the cut off percentage?? His average is in the low 80s, what're the chances of him getting in?

Also, I recently got accepted in to SFU sciences, but it was a conditional acceptance. What does that mean? What do I need to do until the end of the year? Just pass my courses? or do I need to maintain a certain average? If I do need to maintain a certain percentage, where do I find this percentage? Could anyone tell me what it is... and/or direct me to where I could check it myself?

Thank you :D
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I got accepted into the Arts faculty early admission with an 85% average, which is mid-80s. Low 80s, I'm not so sure. It depends on the averages of everyone that's applying this year.

I was also slightly confused about my conditional acceptance and what I was told by SFU Admissions is that you basically need to maintain similar grades to what you were accepted with until the end of the year. If you are still concerned, just look up their Admissions Office phone number on their website and give them a call to directly ask them. Hope this helped!!
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